Having a worldwide clientele we are prepared for climate challenging skin.  Recommending the correct treatment for your specific concerns is our goal in providing you with the best results.



This Customized 50min. European style facial will revitalize, hydrate, and finish with a smooth glow to the skin.


Been Around?  This specialized 50min. treatment will renew your skin by slowing the signs of skin damage caused by daily stress.


As pure as Lake Tahoe Water, this 50min. hydrating facial will replenish the moisture lost from enjoying the great Tahoe outdoors.


Time will stand still after this 50min.  Regerating facial that targets the fine lines & wrinkles, rewinding the visible signs of aging, leaving  you looking your best.

4 Layer

The 4 Layer Facial is designed to rehydrate, re-mineralize, and rebalance the skin while improving skin tone and texture and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 75min.


A little pick me up for the day.  A 25min. good cleanse. A quick mask a splash of toner and you are on your way for the rest of the day.

Mountain Man 

This relaxing 50min. Specialized treatment will refresh the ruggedness of every day, manly skin.


Oxygen Extender

This 15min. ADD ON treatment replenishes your skin to bring back the glow from lost oxygen.

O-Zone High Frequency

This 15min. ADD ON treatment is to sterilize your skin from the inside out.  Prevents possible   blemishes developing from a facial.  Additionally, if there is an existing breakout the O-Zone will heal it faster.

Eye Treatment

Lip Apeel




                   Brow & Lip

                   Full Face (Lip-Brow-Chin-Fuzz)